Sponsorship-Adopt a Child Program

This program involves supporting one child’s education & basic needs.Through this program,you will get an opportunity to build a rewarding relationship with your sponsored child & monitor their progress.

You will be regularly updated about the progress of your child through letters and pictures. Your support will give them hope for the future. Should you wish to visit the child, ACOH will make the arrangements.

How To Apply?

Step 1:Write to us tell us if you want to sponsor a boy or girl. We will send you pictures & details.

Step 2:Your monthly contribution will provide your sponsored child with basic needs; education, meals, medical care, cloths.

Step 3:You will be allowed to correspond with your child through ACOH via letters & pictures.

Step 4:ACOH will arrange for you to visit should you wish to do so.

Step 5:You will be updated regularly about your sponsored child’s progress.

Step 6:You be required to give us 3 months notice should you wish to stop sponsoring a child. This will give us time to look for another sponsor.

You can also choose to donate directly for any child in need via this link