Bricks & Trees

This is our new concept that proposes to provide sustainable income to fund the Environment & Education programs. The concept focuses on producing eco-friendly construction bricks that do not require firing in kilns. Most rural populations use the traditional brick making process to make mud bricks that they burn in kilns to last longer. This process uses the top fertile soil and leads to deforestation. Studies show that it takes one ton of firewood to fire a kiln with 1000 soil bricks.

Brick & Tree will promote sustainability by utilizing the Interlocking brick making technology that does not require firing bricks. The process utilises any type of soil and little cement, thus reducing construction costs by 40%.The bricks are used to construct permanent structures including houses,water tanks,latrines,fencing walls,etc.

You can support this program by purchasing bricks:

1.For Personal use

2.For a school class construction

3.To support the rural poor(widows & orphans) living in dilapidated structures.

For Every Five Bricks Purchased, We will Plant a tree!

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