Orphans & Other Vulnerable Children (OVC)

According to the National Aids Control Council (Kenya) ,there are over 1 million AIDS orphans in Kenya & only less than 20% of them have been able to receive help from the Government and other Non Governmental organizations. The burden of caring for the vast majority of orphans falls on already overstretched extended families (windows, grandparents & teenagers), who have meagre resources. Many are thus forced into street life where they suffer from poor health, trauma and psychological distress, making them more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Additionally, of the thousands of children with disabilities, very few have access to education, while other are abandoned.

ACOH is therefore focused on the development of vulnerable children in rural regions where they access to basic facilities are scarce. Our goal is to help them thrive, not just survive.

This program focuses on:

1.Provision of education and basic needs

2.Creating community awareness about HIV to promote community support.

3.Educating children born with HIV about HIV

4.Supporting parents of children with HIV and disabilities.

5.Mobillizing community for children’s needs

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