Water, Hygiene & Sanitation

Most regions in the arid & semi arid regions of Kenya are under developed thus lacking amenities such as piped water, electricity, hospitals & sanitation facilities. The burden of water scarcity falls on women & girls who have to walk long distances to fetch water. This not only wastes a lot of time but is also very tiring and affects their health. Carrying heavy jerry cans of water on their backs & heads often leads to health problems.

Lack of proper sanitation especially in schools affects all children but it is more for the older girls who are forced to miss school during their menses.

Child mortality rates are high due to lack of health facilities. Many in these communities die from illnesses & complications which could have been treated had there been a community health clinic.

The benefits of improved access to clean water, Health and sanitation are many (e.g. saving time & energy, improved health and increased opportunities to access education). Our focus is to help marginalized communities by supporting projects aimed at finding long term sustainable solutions.

The Covid 19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem,hence the urgent need for proper sanitation facilities in schools.

You can support rural schools by donating towards:

  • Construction of Hand washing stations in schools.
  • Drilling Community/School Boreholes to provide safe & clean water
  • Installation of Rainwater harvesting systems in schools
  • Volunteer to provide Sanitation & Hygiene education to school children
  • Donate Water Tanks to schools